Fibroids/Barley grains

A fibroma is a benign tumor made up of connective tissue. The most common fibroids are so-called soft fibroids, which are usually located in the neck, under the armpits, in the groin and on the moving eyelid. Hard fibroma also occurs to a lesser extent. These are mainly located on the arms and legs and feel like a hard disk. Treatment of both types is not necessary, but may be aesthetically desirable.
What can our skin therapists do for you?
If you suffer from one or more fibroids, the skin therapist can remove them by means of coagulation and/or laser therapy.

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What are barley grains?

Milia (barley grains) look like small, white granules/bumps in or under the skin. A barley grain is a small cavity (cyst) in a hair shaft (hair follicle). There is hardened sebum (skin sebum) in the cyst. Often the barley grains are on the cheekbone or around the eyes.

What can Dansys skin therapists do for you?

Small barley grains can be treated at Dansys Skin Clinic by means of coagulation . In addition, barley grains can be removed by making a small incision with a sterile needle, after which the contents can be gently pushed out.