Couperose is characterized by the presence of many small burst blood vessels (telangiectasia). These are harmless and are more common in women than in men. The vessels are usually located on the cheeks, nose, chin and sometimes also on the décolleté.
These vessels are caused by various causes, such as:
– heredity
– alcohol consumption
– certain medications can (co-)cause couperosis
– excessive sun exposure
– smoking
– temperature fluctuations (for example, when visiting a sauna and in winter when it is freezing cold)

The skin therapists of Dansys Skin Clinic treat couperosis with various techniques. These are treatments in which the vessels are cauterized. Some people do not suffer from couperosis, but from general redness (diffuse redness) of the skin, in such a case the skin therapist can recommend other treatments such as medical camouflage therapy.

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Spider Nevus

A spider nevus is a local dilation of a small skin vessel. It looks like a small red dot with small outgrowths (like a spider). It is most commonly seen in pregnant women, but affects all ages and affects both men and women. They may disappear on their own.
A spider is harmless and will never become malicious, but is often cosmetically disturbing. That is why you can have this treated by a skin therapist using laser therapy or coagulation.