RRS® HA Eyes

Fine wrinkles under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes (such as bags under the eyes) make for a tired look. RRS HA EYES is an injectable specially formulated for the aging skin around the eyes. It improves the superficial wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes, giving you a fresher eye contour. The filler effect of the hyaluronic acid on wrinkles is enhanced by the added vitamins, antioxidants, microcirculating and bleaching substances.

Puffiness caused by fluid retention and dark circles under the eyes is something that many people suffer from and that can determine the appearance considerably. RRS® HA Eyes is a treatment that improves your eye contour and gives you a fresh look (back). The fine lines under the eyes also become less visible. Making your face look much more rested and relaxed.

RRS® HA Eyes falls under the skin boosters and is applied around the eyes by means of superficial injections into the skin. It contains active substances that promote lymphatic drainage and
whiten the skin. The natural hyaluronic acid provides hydration and nutrition to the skin around the eyes.

After an average of 3-4 treatments (with an interval of 8-14 days) you will see that the moisture around your eyes is drained faster, you have a fresh appearance and look less tired. You will usually see results after the first treatment, but it is advisable to have several treatments done for optimal results.

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