XL Hair®

XL Hair®

XL Hair® offers possibilities to treat different forms of baldness and symptomatic hair loss. XL Hair® activates the hair follicles to produce healthy hair again, which improves the volume of the hair. The type of hair loss called alopecia in dermatology has always been a problem, regardless of gender or age. Hair loss can be a symptom of a skin condition or a complementary symptom of another condition. Hair loss is of course very visible and is an indication of the person's health. XL Hair® is able to reverse hair miniaturization in alopecia in young adults to middle-aged men and women. It also stops active hair loss within 3 months and stimulates the growth of new hair within 6 months.


XL Hair® has been specially developed for superficial and deep injections into the skin, and is based on the purest and most effective ingredients, with a synergistic effect. A treatment for men of 6 sessions and for women of 8 sessions. The protocol followed is normally once a week for the first four treatments and then once every two weeks. Only the area where hair loss occurs is treated.
For 6 months, the Spray AD Daily Care Hair Energy should be used twice a day, three days a week. It is advised to do a touch-up twice a year (spring and autumn) to maintain the results.


XL Hair® and AD Daily Care Hair Energy are capillary regenerators that revitalize and strengthen capillary fibers by delivering essential nutrients for capillary growth and stimulating growth factors that promote hair growth. XL Hair® does not contain Minoxidil and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors (commonly used medication with relatively many side effects).
The RRS® treatments must take place under the right aseptic conditions and always perform an allergy test before starting the treatment.


Dansys is a SkinTech® Certified Clinic in Den Bosch and Gorinchem. We are proud of the awards we have won for our hair loss treatments. Interested? Make an appointment with one of our experts today!