Camouflage Treatment

Camouflage therapy is used to make skin conditions with color abnormalities, such as pigment spots and scars (for example, after surgery for breast cancer), less visible. Camouflage products are used that are waterproof, smudge-resistant and skin-friendly. The right color or color combination is chosen from a wide range of colors, which can ultimately be applied by the patient himself on a daily basis. The application of the camouflage products will be taught during the treatment.

Dansys Skin Clinic offers these treatments in the Den Bosch and Gorinchem locations. Contact us today for an appointment with one of our professional skin therapists.

Treatment options

All kinds of color deviations in the skin can be treated with camouflage products. Examples include wine stains, varicose veins, pigment spots, scars, rosacea and vitiligo.

We teach you how to achieve the desired result at home by using the right color choices and good application techniques. Usually two treatments are needed. The correct color is determined and applied during the first treatment. In the second treatment, a camouflage “lesson” is given, in which you learn how to apply the products yourself.