Chemical Peels

At Dansys Skin Clinic in Den Bosch and Gorinchem you can go for a (chemical) peeling, including glycolic acid peels, Jessner peels, and TCA peels. Make an appointment with one of our professional skin therapists today!


When peeling the skin, etching agents are applied to the skin. Peelings can be used to remove old or damaged skin cells and to stimulate the skin to regenerate, but also to increase blood flow or soften the skin. Peelings are classified according to their depth effect in the different skin layers and are used for acne, acanthosis nigricans, superficial pigment abnormalities, keratosis pilaris, scars, psoriasis, pseudofolliculitis barbae, seborrheic eczema, verrucae planae, xanthelasma and sun damage. The result is a smoother, well-blooded and more even skin, with fading of superficial wrinkles and/or pigment spots. Usually several treatments are needed to achieve the desired result.

After treatment:

The skin is extra vulnerable after the treatment. This means that you must be extra careful during the first 48 hours after the treatment with sunlight, tanning bed, sauna, hot showers or baths and other influencing factors. For four weeks after the treatment, the skin should be protected outdoors with a sunscreen with a high protection factor. After the treatments, use the products recommended by our skin therapist according to the prescribed method.


Dansys Skin Clinic works with different types of peels from the Lira Clinical brand. Depending on your skin, your wishes and your personal situation, during your first visit we will look at which peeling can achieve the desired goal for your skin.

Lira Clinical

Lira peeling is a complete program against acne, scars, pigment discolorations, skin aging, impure skin and coarse pores. It works quickly and effectively. The composition of the Lira products is completely safe and works naturally.

The results with this are astonishing. Acne (scars) are significantly reduced, pigment spots become lighter or disappear completely and the skin structure is significantly improved. With this treatment, the information and following the instructions before and after the treatment are crucial for the end result. We can tell you what this treatment can do for your skin.