At Dansys we strive for an effective way to help everyone as quickly as possible. We want to prevent waiting times and want everyone to be helped immediately. That is why we have drawn up a certain working method to achieve and maintain this aim.

Questions / Make an appointment

To make an appointment, please contact our general telephone number. We can be reached from Tuesday to Saturday at: 085-4013503. You can indicate to the operator at which branch you want to make an appointment. You can also make an appointment digitally by sending an email to our general email address: Our administrative assistant will answer your e-mail as soon as possible and/or contact you by telephone.


Accessibility and good information are of paramount importance at Dansys. Before you consider taking a treatment, an appointment will first be made for a consultation. During this consultation, your personal complaint or question will be discussed. You will then be provided with all the important information and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions. From this, a treatment plan is drawn up in collaboration with you, containing all information about the treatment and the price quote. This consultation is completely free once you decide to undergo treatment at Dansys. If not, you must pay the price for the consultation. This is € 30.00.

Treatment plan

After the consultation, a treatment plan will be drawn up in consultation with you, containing your complaints, wishes and expectations. The treatment data are also included in this plan and the expected results and rules of life are mapped out. This treatment plan ensures that both parties have a clear picture of the treatment process. This treatment plan is processed in our digital patient file and tracked to track your progress.

Cancel / change appointment

If you are unable to attend and/or cannot keep your appointment, we ask that you inform us 24 hours in advance . If you do not cancel an appointment in time, we are forced to charge € 35.00. Dansys is happy to make time for you, but if you indicate in advance that you cannot come, we can schedule other patients.


After the treatment you can pay at the counter and make a follow-up appointment.
You can pay both in cash and by debit card in our practice. Is your treatment reimbursed by your health insurer? Then you pay for the treatment at the counter and you immediately receive an invoice that you can then declare yourself at your health insurer. For more information about reimbursements, please contact your health insurer.

Direct Access Skin Therapy

From now on you can go directly to a skin therapist without a referral from a doctor or specialist. This way you have the fastest access to paramedical skin care. Prior to a treatment, our skin therapists will perform a screening using a questionnaire. For example, possible disorders that do not fall within the skin therapeutic field are identified and in that case you will be referred to the general practitioner for further examination.