About Us

About Us


Dansys skin therapists are experts in paramedical, cosmic and cosmetic skin care. They specialize in treating a wide variety of skin conditions, including unwanted hair growth, vascular and pigment disorders, benign skin tumors, edema, acne and scars. In addition to mastering various therapies, Dansys skin therapists are experts in recognizing and assessing symptoms and risk factors, investigating a disorder related to the skin, and developing a treatment plan based on the data obtained.

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I warmly welcome you to the Dansys Skin Clinic website!
My name is Mulki, founder and director of Dansys. I combined my passion for entrepreneurship with what I often deal with on a daily basis: my skin. In 2010 I founded Dansys Skin Clinic in Den Bosch. Dansys now consists of two branches: Den Bosch and Gorinchem.
Dansys Skin Clinic consists of a team of expert skin therapists. Together with my skin therapists, we strive to provide the best skin therapeutic care for our clients. The skin therapists are members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists and are registered in the Paramedics Quality Register (KP). In order to continue to deliver quality, we regularly attend refresher courses, courses, training courses and professional conferences. This way we all stay informed of all new developments within the profession.
The most important thing at Dansys Skin Clinic is the personal approach to each individual client. Everyone can come to us: From advice to aftercare, from treatment to information. We are there for everyone.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our branches!